Food now, then and tomorrow

The theme on Friday 24th Feb was FOOD! Food is such a signifier of our time, and has changed a huge amount even in living memory, not to mention all the different types of food eaten by different cultures across the UK and all around the world – even just in 2017!

Using watercolour, drawing pens and pencils again we explored and shared our favourite food, from fruit platters to powdered yam, boiled meat pie, Haribo (a questionable meal!!) and roast dinners. We spoke about what food would be like in 100 years time, and people shared their hopes for more self-grown food and speculated about whether we might have a ‘food pill’ instead of the food we know now.

Iris drew a blue fishfinger (because she had already used brown in the painting) and Camilla from Pool Re painted some fantastic baked beans in her cooked breakfast (although some of the girls from Notre Dame thought they were waffles…!).

Camilla and Amelia from Pool Re supported the day, supporting the set up and delivery of the session and chatting and painting with the Stones End members and Notre Dame Year 7 school group.


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