Songs and lyrics of our lives

The session on Friday 10th March was all about MUSIC! We spent the day sharing songs from our lives, singing to each other and talking about the meaning of our favourite lyrics.

Lisa from Pool Re and I chatted to the Stones End members in the morning, loading up their songs on Youtube and playing them through our phones to much amusement and excitement. For French-speaker Mary-Lou, the songs brought a smile to her face and really engaged her with the session for the first time. From Amazing Grace to Sailing Over Moonlight Bay and the Anniversary Waltz we shared some lovely songs from our lives, writing them onto postcards and decorating them with drawing ink.

Julian and Steve from Pool Re came in to the afternoon session and met Bill, Ann and other Stones End members as well as a new group of Year 7 students from Notre Dame. The students were incredibly enthusiastic and created some beautiful postcards of their own favourite songs and lyrics, before very confidently interviewing the members themselves about their musical tastes.

It was a gorgeous day and everyone got along swimmingly!


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